December 5, 2023

Simple but classy fashion

Where do espadrilles come from?

 The espadrilles come from Occitania and Catalonia, in the south of France and the north of Spain, and the first time they were seen was in the thirteenth century. Originally the shoes were worn by soldiers, peasants, and workers, shoes of the lower class in short. Easy to make, lightweight, and comfortable: they were perfect for working long hours on your feet.

 They were also made from simple materials, often used in the construction of consumer goods. Originally, espadrilles were made from durable cotton, commonly called canvas. Nowadays, shoes are made from all kinds of fabrics, including leather and suede, and other more premium materials.

The best thing about espadrilles is that they are very versatile

How do you make espadrilles today?

Original espadrilles, the truly authentic ones, are handmade by artisans in northern Spain using traditional techniques. Artisans still hand-wrap jute and carefully baste and shape each shoe. Of course, as they have become popular items, only the premium ones are still handmade. Online and in consumer stores, you can always find great industrial products.

How do you wear espadrilles?

The best thing about these women shoes is that they are very versatile so that you can wear them with jeans or shorts for a casual summer look, or in the case of a pair of espadrille wedges with a dress for an elegant and very summery evening look. And it’s always summer we’re talking about, at least with traditional espadrilles. Overall, conventional canvas espadrilles are best worn during the hot and dry summer months. You can opt for suede and leather models in the fall, which will be more resistant to the early cold.

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