June 24, 2024

Moshi Touch Screen Gloves: The New Kids on the Block

Touch screen gloves are not new. But new players are coming in, all trying to give users their very own version of touch screen gloves, which can help them in their day-to-day calling and typing needs on their touch screen device. Moshi is that new player and they have recently come up with a pair of touch screen gloves that they say is most compatible for Apple devices.

Moshi is one of Apple’s exclusive accessories partners and so, them coming out with an array of touch screen gloves choices is not at all surprising. Moshi’s first touch screen gloves release is a knitted type that is dual layered for added protection from the cold and the snow. Their gloves are made with special conductive fibers lining each fingertip. This makes their gloves fully functional for all your touch screen phone touch typing needs. It supports tablet and smart phone gesturing as well.

But the features of the first ever Moshi touch screen gloves don’t stop there. The gloves also promise users of a slip-free grip all the time. Each glove is lined with the GripTrak silicone pattern so your phone won’t slip off your hold, regardless if you’re left-handed or right-handed. Hold it and use it with confidence with your Moshi on.

Moshi’s knitted leather gloves are 100% washable. They are easy to maintain as they’re highly durable. They come in two shades of gray, dark and light. However, large sizes of the gloves only come in the dark gray shade while smaller gloves are offered in the light gray shade.

Moshi’s new touch screen gloves are especially made for Apple devices but they can be used for other touch screen devices as well. They are known to work just as well with other brands, although they mainly supply Apple accessories and products. These gloves retail currently at $30 per pair from all Apple accessories stores.

Try the Moshi gloves for the most comfortable fit. They would look nice and warm on your fingers for sure. Note that they don’t have the tips that mostly identify touch screen gloves from the others. And they look and feel as normal as any other pair of knitted gloves. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Guaranteed to work on tablets, GPS devices, and touch screen laptops. It is most ideal for touch typing, as all fingers of your fingers will work with these gloves on.

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