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Prolozone Reviews

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Prolozone Therapy: The Permanent Solution to Damaged Tissues and Joint Pains

Prolozone is a specialized form of therapy that offers enduring treatment for chronic pain. Prolozone is a treatment which uses injections to generate therapeutic substances that help to repair and reconstruct damaged tissue and joints. The procedure is to inject these substances around the affected connective tissue areas and help rebuild them. Prolozone is known to permanently reverse all joint pains and tissue problems.

This process is similar to Prolotherapy which also uses ozone as a therapeutic substance. However, the usage of ozone in Prolozone causes the joints to heal faster because ozone is a reactive molecule which works rapidly when it is injected into a joint capsule. This practice stimulates fibroblastic redevelopment of the joint areas which play a dominant role in the healing process.

Human joints are like bad door hinges. Until you fix the hinges, they are not able to swing back and forth. This goes also for your joints; you cannot use them without causing excruciating pain. As we get older, our body parts and joints particularly tend to degenerate. The same also goes for athletes or sports people who overuse their bodies. This causes stress and when damages do occur the tissues never return to their original state.

Normal people can also encounter these types of problems. Studies show that tissue issues are caused by lack of nutrients, poor blood circulation and inflammation. Once this occurs in the body, tendons, cartilages and ligaments dehydrate and eventually get weaker. This leads to a separation of ligaments from the bone covering known as periosteum.

The pulling of the periosteum creates a void which the human body fills with a new bone. These new bones are known as osteophytes. These are weak bones and signify that arthritis is taking place around the joints. Osteophytes inhibit joint freedom and movement. This causes strain and pain around enveloping muscles which are usually overworked.

Prolozone assists in repairing lax areas, torn connective tissues and ligaments. It also stops inflammatory pain. This helps boosts blood circulation that carry nutrients all over the body and help hydrate damaged tissues. The end result of this treatment is a drastic decrease in pain, joint redevelopment and an increased range of motion or movement.

Pain will always persist in joints unless it is repaired. When connective tissues get scarred, torn or overused, Prolozone injections motivate the tissues to repair themselves via a 3 part process of strengthening, tightening and stabilizing. This revolutionary form of therapy involves ozone injections into tendons, ligaments and supple tissue areas. This process inflames the affected area which then leads to an increased flow of nutrients and blood supply that return the joints and tissues back to the way they once were.

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