April 24, 2024


Bio-Oil is a specialized skincare item that helps with evening out your skin tone and reducing the appearance associated with stretch marks and other scars.  Using a highly advanced combination of exceptional ingredients with a special one called PurCelin Oil, the product is also known for its hydrating properties, whereby it tackles not only scarring, but issues associated with dehydrated and aged skin.

Developed by a German who lived inSouth Africa, the product used Swiss pharmaceutical technology and know-how to produce a healthy environment for the skin and skin healing without the influence of oxygen.  It was perfected using varied natural ingredients and vitamins which with the use of an oxygen barrier enabled the ingredients to not breakdown and lose their overall potency.  In fact, the cream, though containing the oil which blocks the oxygenation process of the ingredients, allowing them to be properly absorbed into the skin, is far from being greasy.  It is quickly absorbed and uses oils taken from duck glands which produce a cream like consistency versus a greasy oily one that can block the pores, including the hair follicles and oil glands, reducing the efficiency of the absorption needed.

Bio-Oil was a master-full breakthrough in the skin care industry and it took decades before the product was developed sufficiently to have the effects that it has today.  The whole principle was as much about the ingredients for healing and skin rejuvenation as it was about the delivery of the ingredients into the skin’s cells for optimum healing.  Working with the way the oil works on ducks to protect their plumage from damp and from drying out, the oil rests on the surface of the skin to provide a protective film to prevent any of the major ingredients from being lost or washed or rubbed off when in contact with clothes or even the human touch.

Bio-Oil is a revolutionary means of delivering high quality and healthy skincare ingredients that really do work.  They create the perfect environment for healing without the use of bandages or other items.  The cream lets the skin heal naturally as if it would had it been beneath the skin’s surface, working on the idea that the rejuvenation of wounds and injuries to the skin deep down can be applied to the outer surface.

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