December 5, 2023

Wound Be Gone Reviews

Wound-Be-Gone does work, but its effectiveness, like any wound and scar treatment product depends on the severity of the wound and scarring and the person to which it is being applied.  By forming an elastic, thin layer on top of wounds, the product protects wounds from oxygenation and allows the wounds to heal as if they were simply underneath the skin, making scarring usually less pronounced, unless a person is prone to keloid and hypertrophic scar development.

Wound-Be-Gone neutralizes free radicals produced by the oxygen in the air, allowing the healing of a wound to continue at the right speed and totally naturally.  The reactive oxygen radicals that the body produces after the body has sustained an injury can produce microscopic molecules that can attack the more stable types of molecules that are supposed to help create a balanced healing environment.  If the production of these molecules are allowed to run amuck and get out of control, they can assist in the slow destruction of healthy, living molecules found within healthy cells.  As a result, the process of healing is impeded, even prevented and can result in worse scars.  So, that is where this product comes into its own, literally stopping the unbalanced molecules in their path and reducing the body’s production of them, so proper healing can continue.

Wound-Be-Gone is a vital aid in many trauma centers and hospitals.  When applied, it prevents the chronocity of wounds.  It helps to prevent wound healing delays and lowers the risk of epitheliazation and granulation of the healing skin, some things that can cause more unsightly scars.  Most importantly, because the product reduces the access of harmful molecules into the wound, the inflammation found around and in many wounds can be treated successfuly.  In fact, when tested against the non-use of this product, wounds without the product are more prone to longer bouts of inflammation and thus the higher risk of infection.  As such, the product prevents compromised healing which helps to prevent further problems and complications due to body trauma.  In fact, it greatly reduces the risk of you getting a wound that will not heal at all.

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