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Remescar Silicone Stick – Wonder Treatment for Scars

Designed to effectively and easily treat scars, Remescar is a silicone stick available over the counter and it is a far cheaper alternative to laser surgery or other costly scar removal solutions. Basically, Remescar works by releasing a thin, transparent silicone base film which serves as a healing protective barrier for the skin. It aids in the healing process of scar tissue and will also help maintain the skin’s proper moisture balance.

This easy to use silicone stick can be used for treating a variety of scars, including burn marks, surgery scars, acne, various injuries, stretch marks, post-laser marks and other types of scars.

Used regularly according to directions, Remescar will reduce the length and height of the scar, will flatten and soften the surface of the scar and will restore the skin to its normal color and texture. In addition, the silicone pack also helps relieve those itching, burning and tingling sensations that are so irritating.

Combining the best of medical and cosmetic worlds, the easy to use Remescar is completely not noticeable and can even be worn under make-up. Its patented composition is based on three main ingredients, clinically proven to have extremely beneficial effects on all kinds of scars.

The shield created by the silicone film is designed to hydrate, protect and restore the upper layer of the damaged skin, while also stimulating collagen production, increasing the scar elasticity and reducing unpleasant issues such as itching and redness.

The beta-glucan is a great film former and it also bears powerful calming, hydrating and protective properties. Combined with polymeric film formers such as polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP) and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), beta-glucan helps accelerate the healing process of the wound, reducing the scar.

The first and essential action of Remescar is the film formation, but another great feature of this product is that it contains UV filters as well, thus providing UV protection in addition to scar care. Because scars must be properly protected from UV radiation, the silicone stick also includes powerful UV-A and UV-B filters to provide better protection.

For best results use daily according to indications and continue treatment even after the first visible effects are noticed. To apply the product, make sure the scar is closed, clean and dry. Gently apply the silicone stick on the problem area and around the border of the scar. Rub gently – rubbing too hard will not increase its effectiveness. Apply it twice a day, for two or three months.

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