April 13, 2024

Niacin drug test

The chemical structure of niacin.
The chemical structure of niacin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you going for a job interview and looking for niacin to help you in passing your urine test? Or you are an employment seeker and someone told you to consume lots of niacins for passing the test. Keep reading to know more about whether it is a myth or A truth.

Niacin serves to wash down the assortment of debasements and destroys bad cholesterol and unwanted fat. In view of this, there is a conviction that it will expel THC from one’s body. (THC) tetra-hydro-canna-binol, is a synthetic compound which you can find in a weed plant; Ganja, Marijuana, Cannabis. Many employment seekers and representatives think that niacin can pass the urine test and some of them claims to do so. They consume niacin to drain the body waste and to pass the drug test. People try to beat a work pill screening test by devouring a lot of niacin. Particularly in a medication screening test for Ganja or marijuana. Be that as it may, there is no proof to bypass drug test with niacin. For drug test, consuming lots of niacin may harm one’s body. Many researchers have claimed that niacin will not help you in clearing the urine test. This can also result in liver and kidney problems, so stop consuming niacin for drug test.

Niacin overdose may lead you towards these conditions:

  • Skin irritation as well as itching
  • Skin allergy
  • High blood sugar or Hyperglycemia
  • Stomach pain
  • Dried-out skin or dermatitis

These are a couple of the issues that can come about because of overdosing this drug. The most ideal approach to pass a urine test; drink plenty of water, stay healthy and stop smoking marijuana. As I said earlier, drink a lot of water content to pass niacin drug test. You metabolize is an essential part of your body so don’t spoil yourself by listening to others. Niacin drug test is a myth and people are fooling around to scam people and earn massive money. Don’t worry about the detection time and other related queries; Only water can cure such situation so drink water frequently to stay hydrated and to clear the niacin drug test. A job test is really important to keep the company alive within the sphere. Do you think people would love to hire drug addicts? No! So it is better to leave such things.


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