July 20, 2024

Kelo-cote Review

Day 120 Reject - Scars
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Patients have found visibly reduced scars within a span of 7 days of usage of this product. Physicians have received satisfactory reviews from their patients and are recommending it to more people. A good thing about this product is that it acts fast and do not irritate the skin and as many other scar reducing products does. It has been found that toughest of scars have lightened visibly after Kelo-cote was applied on them.

The product that comes in gel form is competent to remove protruded scars from the skin. Keloids are a nuisance on skin and they look unsightly too. Kelo-cote has strong ingredients and work on active formula that breaks these scars slowly and eradicate them. It is not only simple scars that are removed by the application of this gel but traumatic and surgical scars are lightened within the application of a few months only.

In United Sates, Millions of physicians and patients both trust Kelo-cote and are using it since years. The spray form is more effective in healing scars on the skin as it is fast in action. Post operative marks and scars are always very tough to use but when Kelo-cote is prescribed to a patient nothing seem to be tough.

No serious side effects or reaction has been found yet in patients who use this product. Dermabrasion, skin burns or post operation scars, the spray or gel form cream is capable of reducing all.  Kelo-cote is an effective product that actually lightens scars and removes keloids from the skin.

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