July 23, 2024
Roof rack for a car

Roof Rack Basics You Need to Know

Have you ever experienced hauling a double mattress on the roof of your car, with one of your hands extending outwards to support and hold it down? Unfortunately, this is not just dangerous because it is also unnecessary and downright illegal. Getting a quality luggage or roof rack even if it is only for occasional issue can solve this problem.

But, before you buy and use a luggage rack, there are a few basic things that you need to know about these car accessories first.

Know the Purpose of the Rack 

For what do you plan to use the luggage rack for? Will you need it for your luggage alone? For your bikes? For your kayak?

Roof rack
Roof racks can be used for bikes, kayak, …

You need to determine the purpose of the rack first before you go out and buy one. With all the different choices available out there, knowing the process can make the process of selection easier and simpler. 

Determine the Type of Roof You Have 

The roof of your car might be bare or it may already have existing raised side rails. When you shop online, always pay attention to the type of roof that your vehicle and choose from the specific racks made for it. 

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Safety Basics for Using Roof Racks 

A roof rack can expand the available storage space for your car and give you more leg room and space inside. This additional room can make your road trips more fun, comfortable, and enjoyable. But, these are one convenience you will be able to learn only by doing.

It is important to begin with proper installation. Those instructions are not just there for you to read by leisure before going to bed. These include not just the steps required for proper installation of the rack on your vehicle but even the speed limits and weight you should follow. 

If you are not that confident about installing it on your own, you can always ask a professional to do this for you. The peace of mind you will get will surely outweigh the price of this service while reduce the risks of damaging your vehicle. 

Take Note of the Gap

The additional load on your car makes you taller now. Although it might be very rare for you to worry about the signs of maximum height when entering parking garages or traveling under bridges, now might be the time to start doing so. After you have packed up everything, measure the new height, take note of it, and keep this where you will be able to see it during the drive. Be sure to read the signs, too. 

Pack with Care

Yes, the load of your roof rack is going to impact the way you drive. Excessive load at the front will make your luggage and rack lurch forward every time you break. 

A load concentrated on the back will make it harder to steer. Also, when you go higher, you will also be more exposed to strong winds that will require you to adjust driving as and if needed. 

Finally, the height and weight of your load will also affect the gas mileage so be ready to spend more for gas during your trip. 

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