March 22, 2023

Things to Know about Car Ski Racks

Transporting snowboards or skis is much easier than it used to be in the past. This is thanks to the different car ski racks available in the market.

These days, there are numerous kinds of racks for your winter gears. Majority of racks can fit both snowboards and skis. Some may carry your gears while several can be solutions for your whole family. Mounting racks for your favorite winter sports is made possible on many cars. In fact, you can even mount a car ski rack on your own.

Ski Racks vs Snowboard Racks – What is the Difference?

Since snowboards and skis have same profile in terms of thickness, numerous racks may accommodate both. In other cases, you’ll either be able to carry pairs of skis and single snowboards. The most versatile design of car ski racks enables them to be a great solution for some kinds of equipment. Many racks may also accommodate both snowboards and skis. But, they’re far from being the same to bike racks. That is the reason why most manufacturers include snowboard racks and ski racks in a broad category of the winter-oriented racks that may work for different kinds of snow sports gear.

What Kinds of Ski Racks Should You Choose?

Basically, there are several kinds of car roof racks you may take for consideration. These are the roof bar ski racks, hitch racks, cargo boxes, 4×4 racks, as well as magnetic racks. Each of such categories of racks has its own pros and cons. While the ski racks are limited to the kind of car you have, most of them have the versatility to fit different kinds of cars.

How Do You Mount Ski Racks?

There are some methods you can mount ski racks. Many skiers use the crossbars for mounting ski racks. It can be done through locking and sliding rack on crossbars. Some people utilize slotted bars to mount ski racks. If it’s your case, you’ll require stackable spacers for elevation. If you like to attach ski racks to crossbars, you’ll be able to do it through using actual straps at the racks’ bottom. These are racks the racks that go on front parts of crossbars and 2 straps that should be secured to crossbar’s rear side. If ski racks come with some kind of anti-theft protection, it’s the moment when you could lock ski racks to crossbars and skis within the rack.

Do You Need to Hire a Professional to Install Car Ski Racks?

Many modern ski racks may be installed by you. There’s no need to spend more money on professional installation. High quality ski rack manufacturers provide guided step-by-step instructions on how you could install ski racks at home. The best brands provide the possibility to install racks without using any tools at all. However, at the end of the day, the choice is yours. If you don’t have time to mount car ski racks, you can always ask for professional assistance for the installation.

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