April 24, 2024


The Secret To Finding Unlimited Happiness In A Relationship

Happy couples that have been together for over 30 years all seem to have a common reply when asked about the secret to the unlimited happiness they enjoy in their relationship. The common answer is always this: they married their best friend.

The ability to share your most intimate goals, dreams, and fears with your partner in a relationship brings you closer and makes both partners feel understood. This is what an ideal relationship should feel like.

Another common reply from happy couples is that they work constantly to improve on their relationships. This could mean different things to different people. It could mean:

  • Finding common goals and encouraging each other to attain them together.
  • Ritualize a date together on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Do more activities together.
  • Share something about yourself that you partner does not know.
  • Try to find out something new about your partner.

Focus more on the little things that you appreciate about your partner and let them know about it. Most times we are likely to give more attention to the negatives and ignore the positives about our partner. Appreciating our partner or spouse can go a long way to improve on the quality of our relationship with them. Do not limit yourself only to just saying to them how you appreciate them: show it to them. A love note left under their pillow or an unexpected bouquet of flowers, are fun ways to let them feel your appreciation.

In any healthy relationship, there are bound to be conflicts. Learning how to handle conflicts can be an opportunity for growth and building resilience in a relationship. In times of conflict we are offered the opportunity to find out more about the inner feelings of our partner and therefore, draw us closer to them. The absence of conflict in a relationship is a pointer to the fact that something is wrong somewhere.

An important path to finding unlimited happiness in a relationship is being able to express your true feelings rather than repressing them. Making use of proper communication skills and social skills is the secret to benefiting from and dealing effectively with a conflict.

Here are few tips to dealing with conflicts:

  • Do not express your point of view in an aggressive manner, rather express them in an assertive way
  • Do not criticize the person, but the behavior.
  • If possible, try to reach a compromise
  • Learn a thing or two from the experience.

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