July 20, 2024


What do you think about love and marriage going together? Yes it does for some but for many other it does not. What could be the reason for this? Why does love decline for many after getting married?

When one starts loving his or her partner, at the beginning they feel very happy and have that feeling that their relationship is like a fairy tale. It is easy to fall in love with someone but to keep that love from dying out after marriage is sometimes difficult. When they are still in love, they enjoy the time they spend together and believe that they are on top of the world. However in most instances, this love life does not continue when they get married. The reason for this is that the couples believe that when they get married their problems are going to be taken care of. Little did they know that they are absolutely wrong as their problems may likely get worse.

Before both partners take the decision to get married, everything should be rectified and taken care of so that they can have an enjoyable married life. The inception of every relationship is usually pleasing and enjoyable because at such times the parties involved try to make each other happy by sharing their loneliness, sharing their innermost feelings, and fulfilling their requirements.

To keep the fire of your relationship burning, you need to understand that no one can fulfill your needs and bring you that much needed happiness like your partner. It is very vital that at all times you love, respect and give value to yourself otherwise soon enough you will find your partner slowly drifting away from you.

To maintain the love in your marriage, it is important that you look after your partner and equally share the pain, joy and happiness with them.

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