July 20, 2024



Indeed, true happiness comes through having a purpose in love, in life, lavishing affection on and providing for others, and having a faith that even greater benefits wait for a person in after death. How can you find happiness in love? Consider these ways:

Three major requirements to true happiness in love and life are finding something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.True happiness can be felt by living a lifestyle full of adventure, entertainment, spending good time with your loved ones, etc. Keep in mind, another bit of sage advice warns that “an idle mind is the devil’s work shop.” Doing something may also include public service, going back to school, finding a new hobby or anything else that makes an person thrilled about each new day.

Having something, or more appropriately someone to really love, is the best way to find true happiness. That love like may be for a friend, family member, romantic interest, or even a pet. The key is not so much about who you love is as it is showing them love and having that love shown back to you.

It can be called trust, ambition, ambition or whatever else comes to mind; true happiness also indicates having a perception that no matter how bad things become for a person, there will always be brighter days ahead.

People who want to know the true meaning of happiness can also have it by keeping a positive outlook on love life generally. Be thankful every day for what you have, not what you don’t. The person who knows how to be truly happy also knows how to put life in checks. This life is a sequence of happiness and heartaches. At a while each personal will encounter disaster in their love life but that does not mean it has to influence your life.

But the path to true happiness does not end there. What more could carry real pleasure than being a good friend to your lover and other people? Serving your lover by paying attention to him/her, being reliable and having a reputation as someone reliable that they can always run to when they are troubled. In doing so, you will not only improve the life of others but make yours better by brightening the life of people you really love.

True Happiness in luv can also be obtained by investing in the life of your lover and other people. A person who wants to be happy can also achieve that aim by assisting others. Before we can experience true happiness in love, we first should nurture this happiness in ourselves. When we learn to love ourselves we can then attract more love from others and increase our happiness!


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