April 24, 2024
Heartburn natural remedies

Heartburn Natural Remedies to Experience Relief

Have you ever experienced heartburn? Are you looking for heartburn natural remedies? 

Heartburn is that kind of condition that can get very debilitating. Instead of making you forget what you ate, heartburn will continue to remind you of it in a rather painful way. 

The esophagus is the tube connecting your mouth and stomach. It pushes down the food you eat in rhythmic waves. When food reaches your stomach, enzymes and acids start to break this down for digestion. 

The stomach acids are quite powerful since these are, after all, meant to dissolve food. The stomach also got a special lining protecting it from getting affected by the acid. But, when heartburn happens, some of these acids in the stomach travel back upwards to the esophagus and this is the acid reflux that leaves you with that painful burning sensation.

There are a lot of things that can cause heartburn such as genetics, caffeine, and even spicy foods that makes it hard to know what really triggers acid reflux. Good thing that there are a lot of ways to reduce heartburn with no need to use prescription or over the counter medications. In fact, you might even be able to find relief with the help of things that are already available in your home. 

Below are some of the heartburn natural remedies to help ease away that burning sensation quickly and naturally. 

Aloe Juice

You can find aloe juice at many grocery stores. This is used for soothing skin burns and it is also found to help soothe that irritation brought about by acid reflux. In case you are struggling with heartburn, you might want to make it your habit to drink ½ cup of aloe juice before your meals so that your esophagus and stomach can experience relief and soothing.

Heartburn natural remedies - Aloe Juice
Aloe Juice is heartburn natural remedies

Apple Cider Vinegar 

If there is something that you can always find in the list of natural remedies, it would be none other than apple cider vinegar. And it is not even surprising that is also one of the heartburn natural remedies. Just add three teaspoons of ACV to one cup of water and drink this up before bedtime or before every meal. Be warned, though, because the taste might not be up to your liking.

Video: Apple Cider Vinegar for Acid Reflux | Stomach Problems

Baking Soda 

Baking soda is completely natural and cheap remedy that can help solve your heartburn problem. You only need to dissolve one teaspoon of this to one cup of water. Baking soda helps neutralize the acid in your stomach. Take note, however, that baking soda has sodium content so you might want to talk to your doctor first before you use it if you are on a low sodium diet. 


In case you don’t know, bananas are rich in natural antacids. You can eat banana daily as this can help fight off acid reflux. 

Heartburn is relatively common but the good news is that you can treat it easily. With the help of the heartburn natural remedies above, you can combat this condition and enjoy your meals all the time. 

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