July 20, 2024
Universal roof bars for your car

How to Intelligently Use the Space on the Roof of Your Car

New car and no extra space in the trunk? How do we do it? We can change the car for a larger one, or we can decide to mount bars to increase the usable space for transport using the roof.

Don’t think there is a dedicated model for your machine? No problem: universal roof bars exist.

What are Universal Roof Bars

What they are is suggested by their name: they are bars and are used to carry everything that the load limits allow. The universality is given by the possibility of mounting them on any type of vehicle as the attachments are, precisely, universally suitable.

You can install universal roof bars yourself.
Some vehicles come with factory installed rack systems, some don’t, so you have to get your own universal roof bars..

The universal roof bars at www.withcar.hu are therefore suitable for transporting everything, including bikes, roof racks and, for the most demanding, they also allow you to house roof boxes, another very convenient alternative to trailers and the like. The greatest advantage of universal roof bars is certainly the price: they are a convenient and economical alternative to increase the transport capacity of our vehicle, in a non-invasive way, both permanently and occasionally. It is therefore a low cost solution but also very flexible and adaptable to our needs.

How Universal Roof Bars are Made

Universal roof bars are nothing more than beautiful light metal bars (usually carbon or aluminum) which, by attaching to the roof of our car, allow us to carry various types of objects.

 A simple installation of universal roof bars could take just 30 minutes, but a more intricate attachment method could take anywhere up to four hours.

As previously mentioned, they are called universal roof bars because of the appropriate attachments for each type of car

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