December 5, 2023
Houses for sale in Slovenia - Piran

The Increasing Demand for Houses for Sale in Slovenia

Have you always wanted to visit Slovenia? Or maybe you are even planning to move there for good that you are already starting to shop around for houses for sale in Slovenia?

Slovenia is a Balkan country famous for its gorgeous mountains, ancient architecture, beautiful lakes, and ski resorts. It is no longer Europe’s best-kept secret, and most visitors even take a step further by buying a home in the country, either a permanent house or just a vacation house for the holidays that they rent out when not in use. 

While most countries tighten their rules around offshore residents’ homeownership, this is not an ordeal at all in Slovenia. They still welcome offshore investment, which makes it a popular country for both homeowners and tourists thanks to the numerous accommodation options available.

Buying Houses for Sale in Slovenia Made Easier

Slovenia became a part of the EU in 2004, and this meant that its countrymen and EU citizens share the same equal rights when it comes to homeownership. Aside from EU members, three other countries have a similar privilege. 

Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland are not part of the EU but are members of the EFTA or European Economic Agreement. Thanks to this membership, the citizens of these countries have equal opportunities as their neighbors in the EU. These rights include terms of employment, improve residence, and freedom of travel. 

Houses for sale in Slovenia - Ljubljana
There are a lot houses for sale in Ljubljana, Slovenia

With the increased movement of people, houses for sale in Slovenia have been enjoying high demand not only from EU residents but even from other countries’ citizens, many of whom come from as far away as New Zealand and Australia. 

Many displaced citizens together with their descendants, primarily as a result of world wars, have been looking into their ancestral lines to discover a means to take advantage of the perks of an EU passport. Latvia, an EU member, was notably successful with the hundreds of exiles, with their descendants securing dual citizenship. As a result, it opened up the EU’s treasure trove, which includes buying real estate properties. 

Foreigners can also secure their pocket of land in Slovenia if they can show proof of reciprocal interest. This is if they can prove that if a citizen of Slovenia can purchase a property in their country, the citizens of their country can also purchase houses for sale in Slovenia. 

And if this doesn’t work, another option is to be married to a Slovenian national or to start a business based in Slovenia. 

What Makes Slovenia Attractive?

The country of Slovenia is considered safe. This is one of the safest countries in all entire Europe. This has a solidly growing economy and a stable democracy. Such conditions make the country appealing to entrepreneurs who wish to grow their startups. 

Slovenia is a very safe country, which you can see in the video above

As more businesses rise in the country, it is also expected that there will be higher worker demand without a shortage of interest. Accommodation is always a must for housing this growing population, which means that investment in business and property is imperative. 

With its stunning architecture and natural landscape, it wouldn’t be surprising that the demand for houses for sale in Slovenia will continue to rise in the near future.  

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