April 13, 2024

Fast Impressions


You’ve heard the world First Impressions probably more than thousand times in your life. But today we are going to talk about something else: FastImpressions. What is that? That is a dating site. The site is a part of a network that operates across five countries. Managed by POF Media, this site is all about speed dating.

This website does not have member profiles in its database and such. Instead, what it does is it organizes many events in a number of cities and creates opportunities for singles to interact with attractive prospects in real life. The site claims to organize more than 100 events every month! The site, therefore, has quite an interesting concept. The dating platform has received applauses from the media, as well as from thousands of users. While some events tend to be intimate, many other events focus on just fun and party. The thing is, whatever your personality type is, you will find something suitable to keep you occupied. Although this site is focused on Australia, the network operates in four other countries: USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand.

When you visit a venue, you are greeted y a friendly host, who informs you about all that is going to happen. On a single day, you can meet about 11 or 12 attractive potential matches. The dates last for 8 minutes. That may not seem like a lot, but the duration is still enough to let you know which members are suitable for you and which are not. When you click it with someone well, you can let the organizers know to meet the person again in future! The idea is pretty straightforward and simple. It is like going to a friend’s birthday party and meeting new people.

FastImpressions requires quite a bit of details about you during the registration process, so keep that in mind. You cannot just expect to create your profile in seconds and be done with it. Since we are taking real interactions in real venues here, you need to provide a good amount of information about yourself. That totally makes sense. It is another thing to chat over the internet, and it is totally another to meet someone in real life in a buzzing room full of other people.

Overall, this site seems to be a totally great one, no matter from which direction you look at it. Not all dating sites have the guts to organize various lively events in more than 50 different cities every month!

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