March 4, 2024

Coffee meets bagel

Coffeemeetsbagel may not be the most romantic-sounding name out there, but regardless, it is a dating site that is gaining popularity. That too, very fast! The site is one of the most unique things in the dating industry ever, in many big and little ways. Users can either use the website directly, or use the service in the form of iPhone app. The service promotes dating in a trusted environment, and with a modest pace.

The main difference between this particular dating site and mainstream dating sits is the fact that it uses Facebook contacts in order to match your profile with others’. More often than not, you will only be matched with people who share mutual friends with you! You have no control over exploring all the profiles, because you get to access only one profile per day. Every single day, during the noon, the site sends you a message which contains a person’s profile that has been determined suitable for you by the site’s algorithm.

You have the option to either like the person, or reject him or her. You get 24 hours to decide what to do. You can also suggest the person to a friend, in case you feel that the match suggested may actually prove to be more suitable for your friend. In case you do decide that you would like to get to know your match better, you can like the profile. Note that both of you will have to like each other’s profile for things to continue. If that’s the case, you will be connected using a private phone network, using which you will be able to text each other for 7 days.

With Coffeemeetsbagel, the sign up process is quite simple. You need to upload a few pictures; provide some general information like your sex, age, location etc.; set preferences regarding how your match should be etc. The good thing about this site is that your privacy is totally secure. As a matter of fact, until both the persons decide that they like the other person, it is not possible to view the other member’s full name. Also, even when two people like each other, the first phone connection happens over a general network. If you want, you can share your real number later, but that is not necessary.

All things considered, this dating site seems like an excellent option for those who find traditional dating sites overwhelming. The site’s potential for growth seems huge at the moment.

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