July 25, 2024

Grouper dating


Grouper is the name of ultimate fun. Love to dare? Love to have crazy fun, even at the cost of looking ridiculous? Then the site is exactly for you! Started back in 2011 in Downtown, New York, the fun site is now one that has facilitated over 500,000 drinks. Over 96 percent of people who once visit an event organized by the site want to visit another event!

This is not one of those extremely predictable sites where you sign up once and count the stars later. This site is a completely different animal. It is something that lets you meet people in real life. You bring 2 of your friends, and the 3 of you are introduced to a group of 3 new people. After getting familiar with each other, it is time to be crazy together. The event organizers specially take care of the right ratio of male and female, so you need not worry about getting stuck somewhere you do not want to be.

When you join a Grouper event, first of all, you get to meet your new friends in a bar or lounge. After that, you are served free shots of drinks! Well, there is a registration fee of $20 per person, but that is the only thing you have to pay. Note that you do not get invitation to an event right way after registering, because many applications remain pending on a typical day. Do not be too impatient. Hold your breath after you apply, and let time do the rest.

In an event organized by the site, you will have fun, you will face many dares, you will tell 2 truths and 1 lie, and do loads of other fun stuff. An event may be crazy, wild, astonishing, surprising or even ridiculous, but never ever boring! These events are all about compelling you to have so much wild fun that you have no way but to be a bit hung over during the work the next day! These events are about being alive, and going out of your comfort zone to push the limits. All the while, having fun!

If you hate fun and want to sit in front of the computer whole day surfing through the profile pictures of different members of the opposite sex, then you are better off doing just that. But, if you love to party and be alive with your friends, as well as strangers, this site is exactly where you need to be.

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