April 24, 2024



A part of Jazoo Media, Companions regards itself to be one of the top emerging dating sites in Australia. The website has an attractive appeal. Even though the number of members is not yet very large, the same is increasing rapidly. It is not a tremendously unique site in any sense, but it is still fresh and enjoyable.

The site is free to use for the most part. So, you can see the profiles of various members fully without having to spend anything. The quality of members is good enough, but not stellar. You will be able to find attractive partners, no matter whether you are a male or a female. But, this site does not have millions of members yet, so your options will probably not be very wide. However, most users of the site feel that it can offer good things if you stick with it for a while.

Basic functions include search, chat, and browse. You can see how many members are online at any given point, too. Other than that, Companions has an efficient interface that reflects quality. You can send messages without having to pay, which is pretty amazing. Also, this site is not very heavy, so things load instantly. There is a forum too, which can prove to be very helpful during times when you need some advice. One limitation is that since it is only for Australians, you do not get as much versatility you do with sites that comprise of members from the whole world. Note that the color scheme used in the site is quite wonderful by industry standards.

The registration process has nothing extraordinary, but it is easy to deal with. The search feature is quite nice though. To use the basic search function, you just have to enter gender, age range and state. But, there is an advanced search as well; the site calls the feature ‘full search’. Using that, you can set your preferences very tightly. You can select star-sign, profession, ethnicity and a lot of other things according to your choice. The fact that the primary features are totally free to use is really a relief.

Whereas this site is quite impressive for a lot of reasons, you must keep in mind that you will not get as many members to contact as you will with bigger sites. But then, since the overall quality is considerably good, we feel that you should explore it a bit.

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