June 24, 2024


FlirtOn is one of the very few good dating sites which offer completely free service. Founded with the mission to help people locate ideal partners easily without paying anything, the site offers satisfactory interface, attractive members, and useful profile details. We feel that it has a lot of potential to make it big someday!

The site has a huge number of members from the UK, and there are thousands of attractive Americans visiting it regularly. However, its reach is much wider than that. You will find members from all parts of the world, including India, New Zealand, Japan, Cape Town etc. Most members are genuinely attractive, and it is hard to find boring people in this site. Since the profiles have a lot of details, it is easy to guess which members are most likely going to respond positively to your advances, and which members are not.

To a large extent FlirtOn is extremely fun. If you are in a major city, you will find plenty of matches. Besides the option to find matches, the site offers features such as news feed, search etc. You can view which members liked you. In case you wish, you can simply spend time selecting which members you would like to flirt with, and which members you would rather avoid, with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Of course, you can message attractive members too, and receive messages from others. Since it is a completely free site, its primary way of monetization is banner ads. However, the placement of ads is impressively good and not bothersome at all. Overall, in terms of features offered, this site does not seem to lack much, even though it is a 100% free service.

We found the registration process to be extremely simple. You just need to enter the most basic information about yourself. The whole process takes only about 30 seconds! But, note that you must upload your profile picture in order to allow yourself to be found by other members. If you think about it, that is a great thing, since that means the site does not entertain accounts that lack photos.

This website is seriously one of the finest dating sites out there. We imagine that it will be able to compete with many paid sites too. The colors used are great, the interface is cool, and the overall layout is very eye-pleasing. In conclusion, we can only affirm that this site is one you must visit.

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