March 22, 2023

Employees Onboard with Cyber Security

In the past, IT department was the main line of defence against cyber threats. But with the increasing threat landscape, it is better to get everyone in the company involved in fighting cyber attacks. This can be done with proper education and training to every employees in the organization to help mitigate security breaches. To build a security culture within your organization-

a) Help employees understand the importance of cyber security: Many employees know that the security is important but they don’t realise how big a small problem can get. A small innocent looking problem can disrupt the whole organization’s network. Painting a detailed picture of what threats and consequences can look like in the onboarding software will help them understand the magnitude of potential risks.

b) Make cyber security a training part of the onboarding process: It becomes easier to develop a security culture within your company, if the employees care about cyber security at an early stage. New hires should learn about cyber security from the first day which helps them in giving necessary tools to contribute in keeping the workplace safer.

c) Continuous training and evaluation: Make employees aware of the latest cybersecurity threats and how to handle them. This can only be achieved in continuous training. To ensure both employees and company systems are up-to-speed, it’s important to do regular evaluations.

d) Avoid distributing a lot of information at once: Most employees get bored easily with the powerpoint presentations and they also cannot get big-big terminologies. Experts should deliver information in manageable chunks. Messages which are easy to understand with a few videos, pictures and infographics should be provided to them by which you can get their attention easily.

e) Establish an internal communication strategy: Most employees don’t even know the protocol to follow in case of security breach. Therefore, give a step-by-step instruction starting from when they notice strange occurrences: whether they should immediately change security settings on their browser, or unplug their machine from the internet, or dial the emergency IT number.

f) Transparency: Organisations should maintain transparency with their employees. Gaining your employees’ trust plays a huge role in getting them on board with cybersecurity.

g) Use the right tools: Employees need access to the right tools to help in cyber security like password managers to help them maintain password, privacy and much more.

Thus cyber security keep evolving each day, however by implementing these steps employees can help mitigate these threats.

Creative helps to get employee onboard with cyber security to protect the business and grow confidently.

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