February 27, 2024

How I landed a Manager’s Job

This is my story. One of hundreds on career blogs and job websites that tell how people beat the odds and found a dream job, without education, experience, or contacts. Not everyone can do it. It isn’t easy. But If you are ready to ‘step up’ and go after your goals then you can.

1. Stop Wasting Time

When we are young it is fun to go to parties, shop, and spend our evenings watching movies. My question to you is, ‘What have you gained from that investment?’ Yes, everything you do is an investment in your future.

Start a journal. Write down every hour you spend trying to succeed at work, and every hour you are ‘just waiting for the day to end.’ Write down every hour you spend learning how to do your job better. Keep a record of the time you spend in leisure. Now, keep track of the time spent taking care of yourself whether grooming, eating, in relationships, or eating.

It’s amazing how much of our lives are wasted.

2. Take a Risk.

If you want to play it safe then you will miss all your opportunities. The job may not be down the road. Good jobs may not let you have weekends off for partying with friends. You will probably be working Christmas.

Look at it this way. Your main opportunity to build wealth will only last until you are 40. You are running out of time. Take that job. You can always slow down after you land your dream job.

3. Go Where The Jobs Were

There are jobs in every industry where the ‘comfortable’ people won’t work. These jobs pay more and are more willing to ‘train on the job.’ This job may be a smaller business in your current town that cannot afford to hire a university graduate. Or, it may be a job in the oil fields.

4. Don’t Fear Failure

All successful people have failed several times. Don’t fear going off track, or landing the wrong job. Learn what you can. Do something that will look awesome on your resume. Then, move on. I must have failed several times before I succeeded.

Then, the area I succeeded in was a fluke. It was in the management field where I was interning to pad my resume. It turned out that I had the skills they needed.

5. Don’t Waste Time Learning

Most people who want to be managers run out and start buying books on managing. As you read those books you will find niche’s that you can specialize in. If you want to get that six figure job then you need two things.

First, you need to be able to generate more income than your paycheck. If you want to be paid $100 000 then you need to make the company $125 000. Not only that, you need to be able to prove that you can earn that much money.

The best way is to specialize. I specialized in solving problems. I studied management theories, problem solving strategies, and project management. I studied how to sell, negotiate, and market myself.

If you can take these 5 points and learn how to invest in them then you will be one step closer to having your dream job.


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