December 5, 2023

Food Service Jobs Prepare You for Any Career

“You have to work with the crew… Working side by side with them, gaining their respect, showing them how much you care for the customers and the company.” – Amber Drake, Five Guys Restaurant Manager in San Jose, CA

A job is more than just the work that you do. It’s who you’re doing it with. It’s the same with any career, in any field, at any level. There’s no better place to see this in action than in a Five Guys kitchen.

Having a food service job at Five Guys puts you in a room with team members that have high energy, enjoy interacting with people, and thrive in a fast-faced environment. You’re all there for the same reasons. To serve customers, of course. To earn a paycheck, definitely! Five Guys offers great base pay, plus the potential for bonuses and advancement.

You’re also there to work with a team that does real cooking on real kitchen equipment, the kind you’d find in any restaurant. And no freezers – everything is cooked fresh. Nothing beats working in a place where the product needs no excuses.

Part of having a food service job also means working with your managers, and at Five Guys, the restaurant managers take that role very seriously. Having the ability to lead and motivate people is not something everyone can pull-off. It’s a skill that separates good managers from bad, and it’s one of the most important things we focus on when we hire them.

Last but not least, a food service job puts you in front of the customer. Five Guys is an open kitchen, so even if you’re not working the register, you’re working on their food and serving it right to them. You’re also making food for your team – Five Guys offers free meals while you work. Free is nice! But getting a great burger is even nicer, so it’s one more thing that keeps the team working together, making great food for everyone.

“Without the crew, there is no brand. There is no Five Guys. Because it’s the people that effect the customer and the quality.” – Shawn Edwards, Manager in St Louis, MO

If these are the kind of people you like working with, you should think about applying for a food service job at Five Guys.

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