June 24, 2024


Elmaz is not the largest dating site of the UK, but it is now definitely bigger than what it used to be a while back. The website is all about encouraging people to find their love in an online environment. Men and women from the UK who are 18 or older can join the site.

The one thing that we like the most about the site’s member base is that you can find many members of any age range you want. If you want seniors, the site has seniors. If you want young girls, the site has plenty. If you want matured men above 40, the site will not disappoint you either. In terms of background, the members seem very versatile too. There are adventurers, nature lovers, music enthusiasts and every other type of person you can imagine. It is not the busiest site though, and that is one of its biggest disadvantages. The rate of addition of new members is quite slow too.

In terms of features offered, Elmaz is good enough to satisfy most people, however. For instance, there is a feature that lets you vote other people and be voted. You can search members using a number of criteria. You can view who is online and who is not, too. Since this site is a totally free site, there are advertisements here and there that can hamper the user experience a bit. Note that there are top charts to make the whole site more engaging.

The process of registration is a very straightforward one. You can be up and running within a very short time. Note that in order to search for members using age range or location, registration is not actually necessary. However, if you want to see detailed profile of various members, then you have got to register. Also, making a profile picture bigger is not possible if you are not logged in. For a completely free website, this one looks pretty good. As it goes without saying, there are no membership options. So you can safely keep your credit card inside your pocket.

The thing with free dating websites is that most cannot make it big or run for a long duration. This one seems promising, but lacks a huge number of members at this point. Only time will tell how far this site will go! For now however, there is no harm in testing it by making a profile.

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