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Elastin 3 Stretch Mark Cream Reviews

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Stretch marks are the bane of every woman’s existence and there are a number of creams on the market promising to rid them of it. Elastin 3 by Robeyln Labs is another one of these products, but its creator says that it’s different from the rest. Robelyn Labs is a cosmetics company whose aim is to create skin care products specifically designed for pregnant women and the skin problems that accompany pregnancy. The difference, according to the company, with Elastin 3 is that this product is designed for use pre-pregnancy, during, and post-pregnancy.

Elastin 3 is a bit on the pricier side (at nearly $70 a tube). Rather than containing all the typical products found in stretch mark creams, such as soy extract and cocoa butter. It does contain vegetable oil, collagen (which is a natural ingredient in the skin that helps with elasticity), soy protein, elastin, and some essential oils among other things. Collagen and elastin, are the two main ingredients in the cream which give some clue as to how it works—fading stretch marks or reducing their appearance by increasing the body’s natural elasticity. And, according to the website for the company, Elastin 3 contains amino acid peptides which helps boost the skin’s own healing abilities.

Some of the benefits users have noted have been how fast it absorbs into the body. It does, however, dry quickly, so if it is not rubbed in promptly, it dries in the open air and isn’t very effective. The cream does give skin a smoother appearance, though it doesn’t seem to tighten skin, which helps with the appearance of wrinkles. Also, users of all skin types and tones have not reported any difference in the way the cream works, which is good news to anyone who would be interested in trying this cream.

Although the cost of Elastin 3 seems high, it is by no means the priciest, but considering that collagen and elastin are the main ingredients in numerous other stretch mark creams on the market, there are less expensive alternatives out there. The company website is nearly ambiguous about how the cream works, and no clinical studies or trials have been done ,though there are numerous reviews on various maternity websites from users who’ve experienced good results.

Until more studies are available on this cream as to its effectiveness, buyer beware. There is no general consensus on what makes this particular product better than the others currently on the market.

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