September 28, 2023

Elicina Cream Reviews

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Skin layers

South American Wonder Cream

 One of the newest creams on the market is Elicina Cream. Imported from South America, it’s made with Chilean snail secretions and promises users to rejuvenate and help rid them of a number of skin maladies including: acne, sunburn, wounds, rashes, scars, blackheads, cure ingrown nails, and make skin softer and youthful.

On the company website, it lists that eighty-percent of their ingredients were active, with the additional twenty-percent being secondary to the first in order to help them do their jobs. Included are exfoliates like glycolic acid and smoothers like collagen and elastin. Like most anti-agers, the science behind the snail secretions is still relatively new and most of the properties are still unknown. However, a number of studies have shown that Elicina Cream is effective in other areas, such as revitalization of scarred and acne covered areas.

Some side effects such as a burning sensation when used on scars and wounds. Redness and irritation was a common complaint in some users who seemed to have experienced more than mild reactions to the cream. When the user stopped or cut down on the usage, the side effects went away or lessened. These side effects are not common and for the majority of users, this cream is safe and effective.

The majority of users of this cream have been thrilled with the results. With regular usage, those who swear by Elicina Cream and its miracle properties have reported that their skin appears more youthful, clearer, their problem spots disappeared (including issues with hyperpigmentation), skin is less dry and more radiant. Users hoping to use this product as a skin lightener, will be disappointed. While the cream helps clear up the dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation or scarring, it does not lighten the skin as a whole.

As with all beauty products, it’s a case of individuality. Elicina Cream may work well for some, and not others. It’s important for buyers to keep this in mind prior to trying any cream. No one product is one size fits all, but based on comments from current and past users, Elicina has proven itself to be safe, effective, and a good skincare product that with consistent use as the directions state on the package, produces amazing results over time. It’s in no way an overnight product. If a buyer has unrealistic expectations of perfect skin over night, they will sadly be disappointed. However, if they give this product at least two weeks (as most users reported), the results will be stunning.

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