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Cicatrix Review

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Scars and burns are the most frequent things that happen in our society today. Every year, over 2,600 people are being treated of scars and burns in every country. And according to the recent estimates i heard, over 900 cases are being treated by medical doctors.

Cicatrix was a name founded by two young couples named  Petra and Heeb Lubosch. It all happened when the two couples had an accident, and during the accident they developed serious injuries and scars all over their body. Their two children did not survive the accident and that left them hopeless and helpless.

Since there was no voluntary medical organization then, they decided to form a charity that will help individuals with burns and scars.  That was where this pretty name CICATRIX was found.

Cicatrix comes from a latin word which means scar. Cicatrix is a natural wound treatment that  gives the contacted individual an embarassing look and a sense of dejection by the society. According to the recent scientific investigation i heard, scars still change their looks after so many years.

With the now reformed and equipped health services in Germany, the rate at which burns and scars incident happen are much less.

As a voluntary health service based in Germany, Cicatrix render helpto the society by giving advice about  treatments, qualified specialist, helping tools and updated informations about burns and scars. Cicatrix organization consist of  professional medical personnels and advisory boards.

Recently, Cicatrix now provides  eefctive advice for affected people, free medical therapy, self help  and they have now founded new institutions that also render help to the members of the public.

Cicatrix have now expanded their reach by providing quality medical service in Switzerland, Germany and Australia. They also provide quality and updated information about tips on how to live with scars, prevention,  and treatments.

Cicatrix provides a 24 hour customer service in Germany, they also have medical personnels who are willing to render advice on the phone, online and even in the patients home. They also support  people that are in financial need, by paying for their medical bills and insurance for their condition.

I heard recently from a friend that Cicatrix now fund medical bills annually for the treament of scar patients. Another good service they render is to give lectures at educational organizations, and they also have courses that are meant to train nurses and first aid helpers.

They are indeed the best medical association i have ever come across.

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