April 24, 2024

Burn scars

Burn scars can be amongst the most grotesque and heart wrenching to get or see. Many people have to sustain considerable injuries in order to get them, which may involve the total destruction of the upper layers of skin, though few people can survive the shock and complications associated with fourth and third degree burns. In fact, once a person has a burn, especially a severe one, the pressure that keeps the skin from producing bad scarring is removed as the skin layers have been so damaged. Scars may be a life-long thing and even those of the most severe nature may take years to finally reach maturity.

Contracture types scars from burns are the worst type. They happen when huge areas of skin have been completely destroyed and as such, any skin that is made is thin and very tight as the body has to tighten it to keep everything inside from dropping out. This can cause great restrictions on muscles and tendons. Nerves may eventually get damaged, but with physical therapy, exercise and pressure, most of the time these scars can be kept under control. If all else fails, doctors sometimes will recommend further surgery, using either the flap type of procedure or skin grafting, both of which can take some time to recover from. Alternatively, new treatments in surgical techniques may be used, including tissue expansion, also known as Z-plasty. However, there are two other burn scar types, including:

  • Hypertrophic

  • Keloid

There are also more serious burn scars which can be caused by electrocution, major fire burns, scalding burns, extreme high heat liquid burns, chemical burns, heat inhalation, hot smoke inhalation, gas explosions, explosions in general, gasoline, etc. Electrocution burn scars are especially hard to deal with because the electrical surge creates a pathway in and out of the body, burning not only the skin, but anything that it touches. Scalding scars are also nasty due to be cooked per se by scalding water. Extreme liquid heat scars are similar to those of scalding and can even include exposure to things such as liquid ashphalt, lava and others. Heat and hot smoke inhalation not only burns the skin on the lips and nose, but all areas leading into and including the lungs and mouth. Gas and other explosions can leave scars that are irregular and very painful, even tearing at the skin and areas underneath as it burns. Chemical and gasoline burns can happen within seconds and the scars may vary. All in all, burn scars may range in severity, but the worst changes lives forever and the quality of life and loss of self-esteem for many victims is plagued with despair, depression, discomfort and who knows how many years of sometimes painful treatments.


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