April 24, 2024



There are various kinds of love: the love of nature, the love of a pet, the love of a family, the love of a friend, the love of a mother for her baby etc. The most unequaled of all love is related to love and marriage. Work on love to boost your marriage.

Love in a marriage is the emotional union between the persons involved in the marriage. There are different levels of emotional union and they are all important. However, marriage is unique because it creates room for two individuals to share everything, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. In marriage, couples bond together as one and they become soul mates.

The highest form of love is marriage. This is where two soul mates become fused together as one. The partners involved contribute different things to the union. They may have complementary or similar value systems. Two different individuals contributing different things to the relationship is what makes the marriage dynamic and exciting. Marriage is a relationship where two persons in love conquer more grounds together than would have been the case if they worked independently.

Marriage is a solemn union of the spirit, soul and body. Nakedness in a marriage union symbolizes that there is nothing to hide. This complete union of the spirit, soul and body does not happen instantly. Love and marriage is vital to a happy life. Even though it may be love at first sight you have to commit yourself to the union. Work on love to revitalize your marriage.

The complete union of two souls requires time. There will be hindrances from time to time but these hindrances do not matter. What matters is how you address them. Develop an action plan to work on challenges together. Interestingly, addressing hindrances is not the key to a successful, happy marriage. Love is.

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