February 27, 2024



Men and women usually have different expectations regarding love and marriage right from childhood that there will certainly be trouble when they get into marriage. He hardly remembers the date when you met for the first time or kissed and she loves celebrating the month anniversaries and the first everything until he won’t be able to forget anymore.

His idea of a splendid weekend is watching games like football with his male friends while she would prefer to go shopping or visit the manicurist. Having different likes and dislikes is not harmful in itself; actually it is healthy as you will not want to be exact copies of each other. However, trying to enjoy (or try to learn) what your partner enjoys is a part and parcel of love and marriage.

Going to a classy, boring restaurant just to please her when you would prefer to be at the games is just a step in reaching a compromise. Putting off the Air conditioner when he feels too cold or watching his preferred movie rather than watching yours are a few examples of how you can prove to love your spouse rather than mere saying it.

If you believe that two or five years after marriage that love is dying out, try to invest some time and effort in reviving it before the situation gets out of hand. Make out time in your schedule just for the two of you; even if you have to drop the children under the care of a friend or relative or watch a movie together in bed after they have fallen asleep.

If you believe your love and marriage needs to be rekindled, take out time to go on a short vacation to a romantic location where you can spend some quality time together away from the daily work routines.

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