July 25, 2024

Super Beta Prostate Side Effects

Chemical structure of β-sitosterol.
Chemical structure of β-sitosterol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to health and nutritional products, side effects are always the first concern. It can’t be denied that Super Beta Prostate is one of today’s best selling health supplements that can work against urinary and prostate dysfunctions. Super Beta Prostate promises major benefits with the regular intake of the product. It is advertised to initiate normal urinary flow while maintaining the healthy functions of the prostate and urinary glands.

However, each drug, treatment, or medication does have its own side effects. Such side effects may not be seen across all the people or patients using it but they are worth knowing as well. Even as a natural supplement, Super Beta Prostate has active ingredients that may trigger adverse effects on a certain person. Super Beta Prostate is made with beta-sitosterol, a compound composed of plant sterols coming from fruits, vegetables, herbs, and certain plants. The combination of these ingredients may lead to side effects such as:

1. Gastrointestinal problems

The risk of developing gastrointestinal problems is almost a given to anybody trying a new product. With Super Beta Prostate though, it has been noted that certain individuals subjected to high content of beta-sitosterol suffered from nausea, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, and diarrhea.

2. Vitamin Absorption Deficiency

The effect of the beta-sitosterol on some is associated to the reduced capacity of the body to absorb certain vitamins, usually Vitamin A and E. This side effect though, can easily be reversed by taking the necessary vitamin supplements while on the Super Beta Prostate therapy.

3. Decreased Libido

The functions of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone and testosterone are somehow affected by the presence of beta-sitosterol. Some males may report lower sex drive and at times, erectile dysfunction. However, this side effect doesn’t necessarily occur on all men.

4. Possible allergic reactions

This side effect is associated to all new food, medicines, or supplements introduced to the body. Beta-sitosterol may undeniably cause certain allergic reactions after being taken regularly. When allergies occur, simply visit your doctor and request for an anti-histamine medicine that can help.

These side effects are the most common ones observed on individuals using Super Beta Prostate. But again, not all people develop it. And sometimes, the side effects appear to be tolerable when the benefits of the product are considered. It is then upon yours and your doctor’s decision whether you should continue on Super Beta Prostate or not, if and when any one of these side effects comes up.

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