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Reumofan plus ingredientes

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Reumofan Plus has been one of the centuries old health supplement that is known for its effectiveness for relieving joint pain without any side effects as seen in modern medicines. However, as more and more people are sharing their experiences of using Reumofan Plus, it is clearly evident that Reumofan Plus Side Effects do occur, and some of them might have even serious implications. This article is dedicated to some of the problems faced by people while dealing with their arthritis.

The manufacturers of Reumofan Plus claim that it is completely natural supplement, and this makes it worthwhile to have a look at the natural ingredients. The very first ingredient described as the composition of the Reumofan Plus is the shellfish extract. This can cause allergy for those who are allergic to shellfish. The Shark Cartilage is the second ingredient which is known for causing nausea; of course, eating something always helps to counter nausea due to the shark cartilage, but you still have to face the halitosis of this ingredient.

It is thus evident that the manufacturers of the Reumofan Plus have been lying. It has been discovered that Reumofan Plus pills contain some ingredients such as Dexametasona,  Hidrocortisona, and Prednisolona that belong to cortisone steroids. These steroids may help you relieve from your joint pain but most expert physicians won’t prescribe these steroids to their patients as they are always associated with side effects, and no doctor would recommend them to the period the Reumofan Plus is put to use, which is mostly taken over many months.

On the long run, the steroids will show its ill effects on the body and will literally decrease the efficiency of many body  organs. Your blood pressure will drop, and the kidneys will get damaged. The wounds if occurred any would take longer to heal. You will witness increased and thicker hair growth. You will also experience sleepless nights and weight gain.

I would personally recommend that if you are experiencing any of the above side effects; consult your physician for stopping Reumofan Plus. You should always stop taking Reumofan Plus gradually as immediate withdrawal will result in withdrawal symptoms because your body gets used to the steroids. Many people who quickly stop the steroids might experience increased swellings and pain in their joints. Moreover, some of the people who are taking steroids for long might experience a complete shutdown of their systems; therefore, it is advised that one should always consult their general physician before starting any withdrawal schedule for the steroids.

Personally, I think that it is best to take standard pharmaceutical medicines as these are developed through standard procedures and undergo extensive trial phases before being marketed. Obviously, they are more transparent and safer than alternative medicines such as Reumofan Plus. Even though modern medicines also have side effects, but they can be safe for the period prescribed by the expert physician after calculating the potential benefits from the drug. On the other hand, alternative medicines like Reumofan Plus act as a total gamble and whether you will get any side effect becomes a product of your luck.

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