April 24, 2024

Boswellia side effects

Boswellia sacra
Boswellia sacra (Photo credit: scott.zona)

Boswellia has quite a few side effects which are rare but are worthy of mention, although none of them are life threatening. These side effects include Diarrhea, Acid reflux, stomach pain and skin rash. If you suffer from any of these side effects, discontinue the use of the medication right away and consult a doctor. It is possible that you have an allergy to the herbs which causes these side effects. It has been proven to cause ulcer, cardiovascular, psychological or respiratory symptoms. When used according to prescription within the recommended dosage no side effects are noticed. When Boswellia is used together with supplements that have similar abilities, its beneficial effects is enhanced as well as its side effects too. It is also imperative to note that meals that are high in fat can increase the amount of boswellia in a human body.

Some studies show that herbal products containing boswellia are capable of causing irritations on the skin. Boswellia can cause birth defects and abortions in expectant mothers. This is why pregnant mothers should not use it. It is also unsafe for lactating mothers.

The herb can cause a lot of side effects if you are not eligible for its use. It can reduce the effectiveness of other drugs. It is unsafe to use this herb if you suffer from frequent stomach upset as this will further aggravate your situation. It should be taken with the recommended dosage and in a correct manner. It has the potential to produce lots of adverse effects on your health.

Creams made with boswellia produce allergic reactions in most people. It interacts with most drugs and undermine their effectiveness. Some of the drugs which it interacts with have properties that inhibit the growth of cancer, supplements for treating joint diseases, antifungal micro organisms and supplements that lower cholesterol levels among other things.

These side effects can be lethal in some situations. Side effects such as difficulty in breathing, skin rash, tightness in the throat region, chest pain, skin hives, swollen skin etc, are common occurrences. Pay a visit to your doctor immediately if you notice any of these symptoms in you.

Boswellia can be effective in treating many diseases when used with the adequate amount of dosage required. When not taken with care, you may experience some of these side effects outlined here. To be on the safe side, a medical professional should be consulted to supervise your use of this herb.

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