February 27, 2024

Anatabloc Side Effects

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Anatabloc is the newest anti-inflammatory supplement to hit the market. It is sold in lozenge form, meant to be taken three to six times every day. Two lozenges have to be placed inside the mouth and then dissolved accordingly in every dosage.

However, many health conscious individuals are very keen on what this supplement can really do for them before they go about buying. And they are not just concerned about the positive effects, but with its negative side effects as well. Right now, there is no clear data as to what really the negative side effects of Anatabloc really are. With a thorough inspection of the product through its official website, only the positive benefits of the supplement against inflammatory diseases are highlighted. There’s absolutely nothing published regarding Anatabloc’s precautions or side effects.

It could be because the supplement is still new in the market and independent researchers need more time in discovering what Anatabloc really is and how it works. As of now, all they know is that it integrates one active ingredient in every lozenge, a substance that they call anatabine.
Anatabine is an alkaloid found in certain plants like tomato and tobacco. As such, it can found in cigarettes and its smoke as well. Essentially, the body absorbs anatabine after smoking cigarettes made with tobacco. But as interesting as that data may seem, there is still no Anatabloc side effects published anywhere.

Anatabine is believed to affect the activity of the substance called monoamine oxidase or MAO. MAO is a catalyst that is responsible for the oxidation of monoamines. MAO plays a very critical role in the activation of the body’s neurotransmitters. As such, a dysfunction in MAO can affect the body both psychiatrically or neurologically.

While that could be one of the side effects of Anatabloc, it is also one of its positive points. It has been found out that the same active ingredient in Anatabloc, which is anatabine, is also being used in smoking cessation supplements. Therefore, aside from anatabine’s anti-inflammatory properties, it can also be used to help reduce a smoker’s withdrawal symptoms.

But as much as that seems to be another positive point for Anatabloc, it can’t be denied that overdose of the supplement can result to high levels of MAO. In turn, that could trigger certain disorders such as schizophrenia, migraine, and depression. It is critical to keep the ideal level of MAO in the body to keep these side effects from showing.


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