June 19, 2024

Lulu guys

Lulu is a unique social sharing app for Android and iOS devices. The app was first launched in the month of February in 2013. Primarily, it aims to bring the privacy of girl talk online. The main idea behind the app is to let girls share their experiences, opinions and suggestions privately with each other in a secure online environment.

At present, the app focuses mainly on relationships. However, the team behind Lulu aspires to cover aspects like career discussions, beauty tips etc. in near future. The app allows guys to register in the network, in order to be discovered and rated by girls they know, and who are fond of them. When a guy chooses to be in the network, he can get reviews from close friends, family members and other girls who know him. That way, millions of users of the social app can know what to expect from a guy.

Interestingly, when reviewing a guy, the users cannot write their own reviews or remarks. Instead, they need to choose from a given set of options. That way, a guy does not have to fear reputation blowout or any sort of abuse in the environment. Also, the same feature allows the app to maintain a uniform standard throughout.

There are various aspects that make the network interesting for guys. First of all, guys can see analytics in their profiles. One can also view how many girls have seen his profile. Moreover, the network can often prove to be very rewarding for guys since they can get relationship advice directly from millions of girls. Other than that, since the interface of the app is very easy to use, as well as understand, there are no any headaches associated with navigation involved. Overall, the network assures a truly rich interactive experience for everyone involved.

Furthermore, Lulu is a network of people who are 17 years or older, so there is no place for teen dramas or young adult happenings. Signing up is very easy, especially since the network uses basic information like name, friend list and gender from Facebook in order to make the process quick.

The good thing about the app is that whether a guy chooses to be in the network or not is completely up to him. If a guy wishes not to be in the network, he can immediately take his profile down, in order to prevent the girls from discovering his profile. The app can be downloaded either from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store.

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