September 28, 2023

Keloid scars

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What are keloid scars? Why do so many people fear them? Well, these types of scar can include too much collagen of the stage three variety. Instead of being replaced by healthy skin, the area that was injured or damaged is replaced instead with granulated tissues or grains, also known as collagen. The scars appear to be firm and pink to brown fibrous type nodules or rubberized lesions. Though they appear to be like lumps, they are benign, not cancerous and cannot be contracted by someone else. They usually give a person some pain and itchiness. Even the texture of them may change over time and affect how the skin moves. Most importantly, unlike hypertrophic scars, these scars can grow beyond the original boundaries of the injury or wound.

Usually these scars extend like growing claws that reach across the skin. The pain from them can be like being poked with a needle. They may suddenly become itchy, so much so that nothing can stop it. However, sensations vary from person to person. Some may eventually get infected or may form into ulcers. As a result there are numerous options for treatments, including surgery and laser treatment.

By rights keloid scars are in fact a type of tumor. Though they are not cancerous, their make-up is not that much different. They can consist of proteoglycans, elastin, fibronectin and collagen, with everything bundled together into nodules deep within the dermal layer of the original lesion, incisions or wound. They appear to have defined centers and can causes disfigurement if left untreated. Worse though, they can stop a joint from moving at all.

Keloid scars are experienced by both of the sexes and not just in adults. Quite often the people that are most at risk include people of African nationalities, though proof has shown that young females that had their ears pierced have a much higher rate than that found in males. So, what are the best treatments recommended by doctors? Well these include:

  • Intra-lesional corticosteroids

  • Excision

  • Silicon gel sheets

  • Cryosurgery

  • Radiation therapy

  • Interferon alpha injections

  • Pulsating dye lasers


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