September 22, 2023
Corporate gifts

Habeco – corporate gifts

About Habeco corporate gifts

Habeco is an online store which has been in existence for over 20 years and it deals with the production and sales of promotional corporate gifts. Over the years, habeco promotional gifts company has gained a lot of experience in the designing unique gifts products which come in a variety of unique graphics, special printings, and quality gifts. The corporate headquarters of Habeco promotional gifts Inc. is in Kavciceva Ulica 4, Slovenia.

Products made by Habeco

Habeco company deals in the production and sale of promotional products like:

  • promotional textiles
  • workwear
  • designing of caps
  • towels and accessories
  • sportswear
  • drinks and special snacks
  • kids and games gifts
  • Christmas gifts
  • office fittings.

Corporate gifts

Rules on return of products

In cases where consumer feels not satisfied with the Habeco products, he or she is entitling to a period of fourteen days to notify the company or the seller who offered to products with the consumer being required to give a reason for the decision.

Habeco company then takes the initiative to terminate the sellers’ contract and give a full refund of all the payments made by the consumer inclusive of the shipping cost. after the notification of the customer to withdraw from the contract, the company is mandated to take less than thirty days in making the refund.

Branding techniques used in Habeco promotional gifts

There are several branding techniques used by Habeco company in designing unique products. Some of the branding techniques include:

  • Printing pads – this technique is used mostly in the shapes and backgrounds of Habeco products. This technique involves making the design on a metal plate by use of a photographic process. The design made is then printed in the article by using a pad. Different shapes and designs can be made from this technique and Habeco maximizes on this technique to make unique gift products.
  • Round screen printing – this technique is used to print logos for example if pens.
  • Screen printed transfer – this type of technique is used to print screens on a paper which is called a transfer then the transfer is cut in the same size as the logo and then fitted on a gift product like a cup using heat.
  • Other branding techniques used by the company include the digital printing, doming techniques, embossing techniques and digital label.

Delivery time for Habeco promotional gifts.

Habeco promotional corporate gifts normally take 2-7 business days to be delivered and the shipping cost is normally free for goods above 250EUR. In cases where the ordered products are temporarily out of stock, a notification is done through email or by phone about the delivery date.

Corporate gifts


In the present time where the world has become a small village, communication has become continuous and giving gifts has become a true art of appreciation. Giving gifts has become part of communication because specific gifts convey specific messages.

For this reason, Habeco has ventured into the production of unique promotional corporate gifts which are made officially presentable and also, they give priceless messages of respect. Habeco promotional gifts have three distinct fundamentals which are to offer gifts of high quality, professionalism, and good price.

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