October 24, 2021

Traditional Marketing And Digital Marketing – How Can You Ace Both?

At the advent of digital marketing, marketers have started to show less attention to the traditional ways and more attention to the digital methods. It is true that digital marketing has a lot of potential in it but is it really true that totally giving up traditional marketing all together is going to improve your marketing styles and the revenue?

Should You Totally Scrap Off Traditional Marketing?

Due to the restrictions in the budget, many small businesses struggle with deciding about which marketing they should go with – traditional marketing or digital marketing. Some marketers have started to believe that traditional marketing has become obsolete and it is better to concentrate only on digital marketing.

An example of that is Pepsi, which completely abandoned traditional marketing and moved to digital marketing, especially social media marketing, in 2011 with the Pepsi Refresh Project, which ended in a complete failure and costed the brand to lose 5% of its market share.

In a deeper meaning, the basic form of marketing has remained the same, no matter if it is done through traditional ways or through digital media. The ways in which brands exercise the roles of different elements in their marketing strategies keep on varying and the roles that people play will have a strong influence on their preference of one over the other.

If you ask someone working in a digital marketing agency, the person is bound to say that digital method triumphs all while if you ask someone who is working with print media, you will be given facts and statistics about why print media is still at the top. But the real truth is that both these forms of marketing are essential for your business and if you are only using the digital means, then it is best to optimize your digital marketing campaign with the help from the traditional means to achieve maximum exposure.

Advantages of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is well suited to a local environment. For example, for a multi-chain bakery, you can give out flyers and use advertisements to promote their new set of pastries they have introduced. Most of the traditional marketing things can be kept with them as a hard copy, meaning they will be reminded of it every time they see it.
In one of the studies performed by Canadian neuromarketing firm True Impact comparing the effects of paper marketing, particularly direct mails, with digital media (email and display ads) and found that, “Direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media suggesting that it is both easier to understand and more memorable” and the study concluded that the effects of direct mail are much more than the impact created by digital means. In the study, when the participants were asked to cite the brand name of an advertisement they had just seen and 75% of them were able to recall from a direct mail while only 44% were able to recall from a digital advertisement.

Therefore, it is clear that traditional marketing has its own ways of reaching its target audience and leaving an impact which is better for local businesses to leverage.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing strategies can be used to promote your business worldwide. Since people are spending their time online a lot, it is only natural to reach them out in the space they are in.

One of the biggest advantages that every business should leverage from digital marketing is the interaction with the customers. Digital marketing can be a two-way communication wherein you can speak to your customers, ask their opinions and solve grievances to strengthen your brand’s presence.

Through digital marketing, it is possible to go viral and achieve the exposure that you have planned for in two years down the line today! The marketing ways important for successful online business starts with the digital marketing as it is possible to lead your target audience from say, a Facebook ad, to make them a sale in your say, e-commerce store.

When you are running on a low budget, digital marketing helps a lot in cost-effective advertisements that reach a particular segment of the audience and what’s better is, you can get the real-time results of your advertisements, study what went wrong and still go in and correct your marketing strategy. You can get a whole lot of perspective in understanding the behaviour of your customer segment which can help in better advertising or even in the better creation of products.

Combining Traditional and Digital Marketing Methods

While the newer methods of marketing are obviously working well for many, it shouldn’t totally replace the older ways – the traditional marketing. The smart way is to use the advantages of both the marketing together for better results. For example: get promotional pens with your business information and hire someone to distribute the pens to students, business houses or around the corner of a crowded street. Pens is an item of daily use and who wouldn’t want to have a free pen.

Coca-Cola recently started a marketing campaign, ‘Share A Coke’ in which its beverage bottles were released in the names of different people and made it fun with people searching for their names or the names of their friends on them, encouraging them to share pictures on social media with hashtags, all the while promoting them through the print advertisements too. The campaign was a huge success and the hashtags became an instant hit on Twitter with a lot of people making a personal connection to it.

Brand presence and Sales

Nowadays, the digital space is crowded with ads everywhere but what makes them look at your ad twice and click on it?

The best way to increase your brand’s presence or to engage in branding your newly-formed business is through traditional means. Branding your business can help in attracting your customers and making them see you as a prominent company in your domain while the digital advertising is the way to make people take an action.

If you are a new business starting out, focusing too much on social media will make you lose out the opportunity to make an impact in the minds of your customers. Instead, seeing your ad previously in any physical form will help them remember your brand which will further support the conversions of your digital ad. Traditional advertising in any form like flyers, billboards or promotional products as mugs can help to grow your business if it is exercised in the right way.

Increase the Publicity

When you have a marketing campaign going on, the publicity of the campaign is what you would want to achieve in the first place. In the online form, you can leverage the social media marketing and include influencer marketing to get close to your target audience. You can also leverage the use of direct advertising in social media and include a personalization element to it.

As you venture into the traditional advertising, TV and radio commercials can be leveraged to expand your reach and when hashtags or websites or used in these advertisements, it would further combine the advantages of both and achieve better results. If you are a little short on budget, you can go with print advertisements in newspapers and magazines and combine it with the content marketing techniques. Other than this, you can try to get beautiful mugs printed with your brand logo and gift it to your customers during festive seasons or sale. It will add as word of mouth marketing. A survey conducted by a reputed marketing firm concluded that if you choose right traditional marketing methods, there are chances that your customers will be there by your side as a sign of loyalty. Who doesn’t love corporate gifts? Right !!!!

When a common bridge is identified and leveraged to utilize and divert the leads from one to another, it can help in solidifying your brand presence and improve your revenue.

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