June 24, 2024

Does Harry Styles Have Asthma?

The One Direction youngest band member Harry Styles is caught on camera using an inhaler at their gig at the Mohegan Sun Arena. Many fans that have watched the video saw him on top of the stage taking the inhaler handed by one of the stage crew and then a bottle of water from another. Now the big question is, “Does Harry Styles have asthma?”

A person performing at a major gig who needed to go low on the front corner of the stage to ask for medical supplies from a concert crew seems to be in trouble. Why the rush to take his meds when he could have jumped off the stage and took them on a lower profile? Or he could have chosen one of the rear corners of the stage to ask for the inhaler and the bottle of water. But he did none of these things. Where does that leave you?

There’s no write-up over the internet or anywhere else about Harry Styles having asthma. That could only mean that what he could have is benign. Asthma is a major concern of patients because its symptoms are shortness of breath, coughing, and lethargy. If Harry Styles had suffered from a major breakdown during that concert event, he wouldn’t have finished the gig at all.

Harry Styles maybe asthmatic and that fact could disappoint a lot of his fans. Many think that asthmatic people can’t perform to the fullest of their physical abilities because the illness could always strike anytime. But Harry Styles seems to be doing fine – until after that stage incident at the arena. Well, maybe he’s still doing fine. After all, he did not suffer from a major breakdown that night. Maybe he just has to take a puff because he’s not feeling all that well but is still able to manage. He could also be doing some preventive measures so a real asthma breakdown won’t happen that night and ruin the concert for his fans.

Thing is, maybe Harry Styles is always taking a puff of inhaler minutes before he goes out on stage. That night though, he forgot to do so. So he has to take it from the stage. It is possible that a concert environment gives him a breakdown. Often times, asthmatic people have their disease stimulated by the things around them. Harry Style’s asthma could be something that’s environment-related. Or it could as a sort of allergy. Either way, it’s something that quite manageable. Harry Styles didn’t end up in the hospital that night. Fans need not worry about that incident.

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