April 24, 2024

What Are the Super Beta Prostate Side Effects?

Chemical structure of β-sitosterol.
Chemical structure of β-sitosterol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Super Beta Prostate is a very potent holistic remedy to prostate problems. Many research analysts are even saying that the composition of this remedy is very powerful, not to mention safe, effective, and very affordable. But even if that is the case, certain side effects can be expected from this treatment regardless if you’re a first time user or are in it for already an extended period of time.

A few of the notable side effects of Super Beta Prostate (super beta prostate side effects) are as follows:

1. Stomach problems

Because of the high content of Beta Sitosterol found in every capsule of Super Beta Prostate, gastrointestinal problems are likely to occur. Stomach problems may be related to nausea, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, and indigestion.

2. Allergies

For some people who are always at the risk of developing an allergic reaction to any new remedy or medicine introduced to their body, using Super Beta Prostate for the first time may pose to be a problem. The most common allergic reactions associated to this remedy are itching, rash, wheezing, hives, difficulty in breathing, and swelling of the throat or mouth. If any of these instances occur, be sure to consult with a qualified physician for proper treatment.

3. Decreased Absorption of Certain Vitamins

One of the noted side effects of Beta-Sitorestol, which is the main active ingredient in Super Beta Prostate, is the reduced absorption of Beta Carotene, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A. Patients who expect to be under prolonged treatment with Super Beta Prostate are advised to take special vitamin supplements to assure that their bodies won’t get depleted amounts of these important vitamins.

4. Hormonal Side Effects

Users of Super Beta Prostate can expect to undergo certain hormonal imbalance while under treatment. The male hormones dihydrotestosterone and testosterone will be affected by the intake of this remedy. And that may possibly lead to certain conditions such as decreased libido and erectile dysfunction. Men should take necessary steps when any of these instances occur.

Note however, that these side effects appear on a case-to-case basis. Not all users will develop it. But just the same, they should be aptly informed about all of these before taking the product. If you feel that the effect of the drug outweighs these side effects, then it is more than recommended for you to take this supplement to provide yourself of the easiest relief to prostate-related problems.

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