July 22, 2024

Reumofan Plus Side Effects: Are They Worth It?

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Reumofan Plus is classified as a dietary supplement that is primarily designed to treat muscle pain, arthritis, bone cancer, osteoporosis, and similar conditions. However, there are certain side effects to using this remedy as declared by the FDA. This is following the discovery of some of its ingredients that may possibly affect the user’s overall health. These side effects are as follows:

1. Reduced immune response

The presence of dexamethasone on every capsule of Reumofan Plus may affect the functions of the other organs and systems of the body. As such, these organs won’t work at their prime. In such a case, the will become more susceptible to most kinds of common illnesses.

2. Cardiovascular issues

Reumofan Plus also contains Diclofenac Sodium, which is also the potent ingredient of several non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAID. Do note however, that increased intake of NSAID’s may lead to stroke or heart attacks. This is the reason why a physician should be consulted when these drugs are to be used as maintenance treatment.

3. Gastrointestinal problems

Still associated with Diclofenac Sodium, instances of stomach issues while on Reumofan Plus can be noted. These conditions are related to ulcers, intestinal bleeding, and others. However, such instances only occur on adverse scenarios. In most cases, regular stomach upsets are seen.

4. Dizziness

Reumofan Plus also contains methocarbomal that is known muscle relaxant. The intake of this ingredient may result to dizziness, low blood pressure, and sedation. In more extreme cases, it may impair one’s physical and mental abilities to do certain tasks like driving or operating machineries. Methocarbomal may also cause adverse reaction on the body when combined with other drugs.

5. Nausea, Fatigue, and Fevers

When the intake of Reumofan Plus is abruptly stopped, certain withdrawal symptoms become evident. These symptoms are related to chills and fevers, nausea and dizziness, and fatigue and lethargy. It is then advised that people who are under continued Reumofan Plus treatment should gradually decrease their dosage if they want shift to another remedy.

6. Other Side effects

Increased intake of Reumofan may lead to a host of other side effects such as infections, erratic blood pressure, bone damage, adrenal dysfunction, psychiatric problems, and increased sugar levels.

While these instances may not be evident across all users of Reumofan Plus, it is only right that users are aptly informed about them. Knowing about these side effects makes the decision to use this product for rheumatic relief much easier.



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