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Reumofan Plus Side Effects

2,5-Dimethoxy-4-trifluoromethylamphetamine; DOTFM
2,5-Dimethoxy-4-trifluoromethylamphetamine; DOTFM (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Manufacturers Claims: Does Reumofan Plus have Side Effects?

             The same question is being asked by the many users of Reumofan Plus and the wannabe users as well. Although the product has been released in the market for some time now, many would still doubt that it’s a too-good-to-be-true product. Well, no one could blame them. With the seemingly long list of indications Reumofan Plus has, one is free to ask whether the product really works for all of them without the added burden of causing adverse effects.

Rheumatitis, tendonitis, osteoporosis are conditions that lead and manifest a wide range of painful experiences at the back, shoulders, hips, knees, fingers, and wrist. These conditions are long term on the very least. And although one may use liniments, ointments, oral painkillers to counter the penetrating pain these conditions readily cause, nothing has proven to give long-term effect as well. Up until the turn of the century, when Reumofan Plus was made available in the market.

The secret to this product is it contains a lot of substances and compounds that are tested and proven to stub pain and prevent its resurfacing. And though some would doubt that it can live up to its indications, Reumofan Plus stands and remains firm in giving quality service to everyone. However, the bigger question is “Does it have side effects?”

Even though Reumofan Plus is all-natural and organic, like all trusted and leading medicines out there, it still has its shortcomings. However, through the extensive research the manufacturers of the said product have done, Reumofan Plus side effects are few to a minimum. It has been found out that only the most immunocompromised individuals show minimal allergic responses that range from petty itching to short-term rashes. This can be explained by the immediate body response immunocompromised individuals readily manifest when given a dose of something that is composed of strong-reacting compounds.

It has also been noted that this product is not advisable for use by pregnant and lactating women as babies are the best example of highly immunocompromised individuals. Since the product contains holm oak, cancerina, and gausima that can, in a way, cross the placental barrier of pregnant women and even penetrate the mammary glands. When these happen, babies are prone to develop adverse effects that range from allergies to mental retardation.

In general, though Reumofan Plus is highly recommended as one of the leading and trusted brands in hampering pain, aches and twinges, it still has side effects that should be noted prior to use.

 Recent findings:

Is Reumofan Plus Safe?

            This is the common question one may ask prior to purchasing or using Reumofan Plus. And for what it’s worth, most people resort to looking for reviews related to the product. However, reviews are just as good as the moment people wrote them. A few moments later one, people may get surprised how these reviews are left forgotten or worse, unread. A clearer picture or idea of how the product works and what the product is all about could be obtained through extensive research and tedious study. Data obtained in both are more precise, accurate and always objective, so one can never go wrong.

To date, a recent lab report about Reumofan Plus that has brought clamor and uproar to the believers of the product. The report goes by presenting the contents of the said product without noting how these can be good or bad for one’s health. Without any bias or prejudice, all of the contents, and only the real contents, of Reumofan Plus were identified and defined in a manner befitting to recognize the underlying and appropriate use of each compound or substance present.

Based on the lab report, the following are the real contents of the product no more and no less:

  • Triethyl citrate-a compound that is usually used as food additive and seen in plastic and plastic coatings.
  • Guaifenesin-an over-the-counter drug that is used to bring out phlegm expelling it from the lungs for good.
  • 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-trifluoromethylamphetamine (DOTFM)-a derivative of the phenethylamine class that is used as psychedelic drug.
  • Palmitic acid-an acid found in palm oil (derived from palm tree) and is usually used in cheese, milk, and other dairy products. This compound supresses weight-regulation by attacking the beta cells of the pancreas which leads to poor insulin production.
  • Mephenoxalone-a compound used as a relaxant for muscles and is also used for anxiety attacks.
  • Stearic acid-considered as one of the most saturated fat found in meat and dairy products similar to palmitic acid.
  • TROX-1-comparable to strong opioid drugs, this compound is used as a strong analgesic which is intravenously administered.
  •  Clonidine-an alpha-2 adrenergic agonist that is used to treat anxiety and panic disorders by regulating blood pressure.
  • Diproqualone-a compound with anti-inflammatory property that is used as a sedative and analgesic as well.
  • Phenylacetic acid-an acid that is well-regulated as its effects go from adverse to addicting ones.

The aforementioned compounds have been found and remain to be the only ones found in Reumofan Plus.  Other substances that appear in its formulation are hence taken as false advertisement. So on the question if Reumofan Plus is safe – think again before you pop another pill.

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