September 24, 2023

OPI Nail Colors 2015

OPI is a Company and a Brand of nail polish color manufacturer located inNorth Hollywood,California. The full name of OPI is Odontorium Products Inc. which was a small dental supply company owned by Mr. George Schaeffer in 1981. Shortly after taking over the company, Mr. Schaeffer was joined by Suzi Weiss-Fischmann and became OPI’s Executive Vice President and Artistic Director. Schaeffer and Weiss-Fischmann were made partnered with R. Eric Montgomery, a bio-chemist, and created an acrylic system that Mr. Schaeffer sold door to-door to local nail salons. They closed the dental sales and focused entirely on nail products changing the name to OPI Products Inc.

This year of 2015 OPI has given their clients a super sized collection that includes 6 shimmers, 6 cremes and 3 liquid sand polishes. Funny enough even though I’m raised inCalifornia, I’ve never went toSan Francisco, the closest I’ve been isMontereyBaythat is a couple hours east. Should I ever make it up toSan FranciscoI’m going to have to polish some of these while I’m there!

As always, if there are compare you want to see for any of these please see the deference of nail polish color on your nail. Please be inform that it might take a little time for the actual compare post to go up though due to my crazy switching nail polish and I’m still missing a double fall collections!

A Piers to Be a Tan are a tan or brown crime. I feel like this one is a good fall neutral, it won’t wash you out as much as a lighter and soft neutral might if you aren’t as tan during the fall or the months of winter. I don’t really have that actual problem since we don’t mostly have seasons here although. The formula was really very good on this one; it was a super consistency and is very easy to apply. I used two coats every time; both are good looks in natural sunlight.

Another OPI Nail Polish Color isAlcatraz. Rocks are the first liquid sand in this kind of collection. It’s a purple or smoky navy with different colors of shimmer. The shimmer colors of OPI that stood out most were gold and pink, but it’s beautifully complex with a lot of colors. I freaking love this with this combination. If you like textures your nail will need this unique product. More over even if you don’t like textures you will need this because it’s lunatic with top coat! The formula of this OPI Product was great. It was nice and unique and easy to apply on nails. Dry time was also good for this style. It was completely dried down in about thirty minutes, but it really was dry to the touch in about fifteen.

Whenever I think that all nail polishes are the same in quality and looks then OPI always reminds me that there is some differences and unique. OPI Nail Polish Color means quality rich and long lasting peaty colors in a vibrant variety of shades. The polishes go on smooth and leave a beautiful colored finish.

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