June 24, 2024

Okcupid Reviews

If you are finding a new partner, or new friend, or looking for hot hookup, or you are in search of someone who could be your love in life, occupied has all of these things for you. OkCupid claims itself to the world fastest growing and highly interactive dating platform. Okcupid used math-based algorithms for matching – to pair you with personalities similar to you.

OKcupid was founded by a team of four people named Sam Yagan, Chris Coyne, Christian Rudder and Max Krohn. They have made a site completely unique in dating sites, having features you will only find there. And the best part, it’s completely free.



OKcupid is totally free dating platform. It has accurate matching algorithms if:

  • You are Honest

  • And you’re aware what you want

They don’t claim you 100% accurate evaluate you, but they say if you have filled your information honestly, it will help us to find someone who will fulfil your requirements. The matching through your profile information and what you respond to questions generated by members on the site, which help them to understand your physiology and find someone common to that physiological level have given a same answer to yours. Every Question has four parts, the answers you are willing to accept from your matches, the questions, A rating how important is this question to you, and an explanation if you willing to give. The more and more answers you give, the more and more occupied get matched to you.

Okcupid gives a unique tool if you want to match your personality with someone, click the “Two of us” button to compare yourself with someone you are comparing with. If your answers match with his answers, the text color changes to black and if your answers are dissimilar to his answers, their answers appear in pink color, and in case you gave an answer they were not looking for, your question color converted into pink.


  • Free to use:
    It is free to use but if you want more options and features paid options are also available.

  • Good Information Privacy:
    Strict privacy options and it is defined in terms & conditions what information is collected and what information of yours is shared publicly

  • More than one language
    You can use this site in your country, language, it gave you options to choose your own language, other dating websites only support English language to be used by their members.

  • Easy to use, with easy navigation and clean interface of website.


I’ve personally been using this site for 2 years, I don’t say all the peoples they match were accurately matched, but fine and better matching system than other dating websites. But it’s a fun and entertaining network to hang out and creating quizzes and seeing how you rate with others. I would recommend this site specially single looking and who are trying to find personalities similar to their match.


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