June 24, 2024

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I experienced many dating sites during the last 5 years, Only a few sites have unique features in dating websites, which give them a unique edge from other websites on the internet. I daily give one of my experiences about dating sites I have used and give them review, which help the new members in selecting which site to select when they are looking for dating site that matches their needs. Today I will review about one totally unique feature website: eHarmony.com


EHarmony is a very popular dating platform for heterosexuals having highly compatible features for matching of singles who are looking for a long term long-term relationship.

EHarmony was founded in 2000 by Dr. Neil Clarke Warren who 35 years of empirical and clinical research which help him to make a dating website having totally unique features in matching of heterosexuals. He was the first and pioneer who introduced scientific matching system for singles.

SignUp process:

Harmony is not like most other dating platforms, you can’t register for website services, i.e. Upload your profile picture and finding other members for matching like the most other dating platform. First, you have to sign up, but it takes so long as compared to other websites they will ask you more than 400 questions to find an exact match for you, its quite frustrating long sign-up process but at the end its worthy enough as compared to other websites. And for me the sing-up process take two hours, but result, I get in return was astounding, and it was definitely worth the hours I spent. The good thing after SignUp and giving 400 answers they know much about you and they will help you in finding the person suitable for you on the based on physiology the notice from your answers. However, I would mention their unique scientific approach of matching takes a bit and you have to wait to get the most out of the matching system that website provides you to BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

Positive features of the website:

  • This website has unique, highly compatible scientific base matching system according to members physiology, which take a little bit of extra time bets it’s worthy.

  • They guide you what you have to offer in relationship but also on the other hand tells what type of personality you are most pe of personailty other hand ach of matching takes a bit compatible with for a relationship.

Negative features:

  • This is not a free website like other dating platforms, they don’t allow you to pursue other users and upload a profile photo until you get a membership

  • Due to its strict privacy you can’t see the potential match photo without making a contact.

  • Many new users feel its bad that when they sign up they have zero matches initially, which I also faced as well.

  • You can’t use this website if you can’t pay their hefty membership fees. They have the highest membership cost as compared to other dating websites.

Membership Costs:

  • If you sign up for one month it would cost $59.95 USD,

  • If you sign up for one year, it would cost $20.95 USD / per month and $251.40 USD as a lump sum.

Bottom Line Conclusion:

Eharmony is unique highly compatible dating platform for heterosexuals who are looking for a long term relationship and finding a partner with highly similar physiology factors. But on the other site this site is costly s compared to other dating networks and there is no free testing and Signup process is quite long but all of this hasty things are worthy at the last.

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