April 24, 2024

How to prepare bulletproof coffee?

What are the alternatives to bulletproof coffee?

This coffee is really effective, however, there are other options available in case you want to try something else or different. On this occasion, we present two alternatives: titanium tea and yerba mate tea.

The first, titanium tea consists of a combination of Aged Pu-Erh (puer), Japanese Sencha (green tea) or turmeric tea, a tablespoon of unsalted butter and a tablespoon of cerebral octane oil. This tea is not tasty like bulletproof coffee, but it can be an alternative to increase energy.

On the other hand, there is the Yerba Mate tea, which in comparison with the two exposed above, the Bulletproof Coffee and the titanium tea, this gives energy to the body in a more subtle and much healthier way. However, this option is not the best to achieve quick effects. If you want to increase your energy and productivity, it is best to take the bulletproof coffee or the titanium tea as seen also in this Bulletproof coffee review.

Where can you buy bulletproof coffee?

Amazon is one of the main stores where you can buy Bulletproof Coffee. There you can find several types and sizes of BP coffee. Keep in mind that when ordering, the MCY oil is the correct one.

However, there are other online stores where you can find this type of coffee or the ingredients to prepare it. You can locate the different sites and make a comparison to then acquire the product.

The definitive combo

Is it really enough with bulletproof coffee alone? The BP Coffee is an excellent energy enhancer, but if this is not enough for your body, we will present you with a nootropic with which you can combine it for a much greater effect.

The perfect combination for much more energy is to mix the BP Coffee with Mind Lab Pro, a nootropic cell that improves cognitive performance clears the mind and optimizes memory. This is the definitive combo that will make you much more productive and effective.

Can you replace the coconut oil with the MCT oil?

MCT oil multiplies the effects of coconut oil by 4 times, the ketones produced by this oil burn fat and stimulate the brain in a more effective way than coconut oil. Therefore, the effects can vary by mixing the coconut oil instead of MCT oil.

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