July 22, 2024

How to Increase Height after 20

If you’re past the puberty stage, there are little chances that you’ll grow any taller. Anybody who is 20 years old and above who still desire to increase his height is going to find it difficult. But that doesn’t mean it’s totally impossible. There are things that you can do to possibly add up a couple of inches to your height, even if you’re past the growing stage, so to speak. Below are good tips:

1. Do some kicking exercises

There are exercises that can help lengthen those thighs and shin bones. Perform the snap kick and the straight leg kick routines regularly and you might just see a fraction of an inch added to your height after a few months.

2. Maintain posture

If your posture isn’t correct, then you can add height to your frame by simply sitting, standing, and walking straight. A straight spine is very essential in increasing your stature. And it makes your back stronger too. Be more confident. Don’t stoop.

3. Eat right

A balanced diet is very essential triggering the body’s growth hormones. And what you need to increase your height are Vitamin D, zinc, and calcium, on top of the essential vitamins and minerals. Calories from carbohydrates are going to be helpful too.

4. Get enough rest

Do you know that the common cause of stunted growth is being sickly? And oftentimes, people get sick mostly because their body lacks sleep or adequate rest. If you are in your 20’s, it is quite easy to get very busy and overlook the needs of your body. If you want to increase your height, be sure that you always stop to take a break and have a rest every so often.

4. Take supplements

There are a handful of breakthrough supplements today that can help you improve your height dramatically. Try one or several of them and see the results for yourself. But be sure to learn all about the supplement’s method of increasing height before making the purchase. Doing that should put you on the safe side.

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