April 24, 2024

How long does nicotine stay in your system

Expensive cigarette surrogate used to give up ...
Expensive cigarette surrogate used to give up smoking. Without tobacco, without nicotine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Online, media, newspaper, and everywhere is something about the damages of nicotine and how smokes are the new executioner. Most workplaces, organizations and even eating places have started banning it via No smoking signs. Some whole urban areas have boycott smoking all together on the grounds that the individual damages, as well as ecological too. People who experience the ill effects of nicotine compulsion have inconvenienced stopping with this because it is one of the hardest addictions to stop. The troublesome deed of laying cigarettes or other nicotine items down is regularly reduced by others making the promise and trying. Keep reading for additional data about nicotine and how long it does stay in our body.

Millions of people try to quit smoking or nicotine consumption, however, only a few get the success. Why we have all few results? Why one can not quit smoking? Why is it so hard? Because nicotine stays in our system for quit a long time and our body battle as well as crave for nicotine products within that period of time. That period is so crucial that only a few can quit this bad habit. I am not only talking about cigarettes here, tea, coffee, and other nicotine products are included in this matter. Nicotine affects our system psychologically, through stress, anxiety, mood swings, fatigue and tiredness, hunger feeling inadequate, et Cetra. There is so much bad effect, that one can even write a book on this matter. Just do an online research and you’ll know that only six percent of people are able to quit nicotine consumption till date.

The problem is not about nicotine levels in our system because nicotine usually leaves our system within 48 hours, but the withdrawal symptoms are too bad. Because of our crave, the nicotine stays forever! We never quit it. Can you wait for nicotine to come out of your body? No, because we continuously consume nicotine and that leads to cancer and many other horrible diseases.

How long does nicotine stay in your system? The answer can’t be stable and we can only estimate this, so nicotine takes 48 hours approximately to get out of our system. If you are a nicotine addict, then it will surely take more than 80 hours to leave the system. Previous figure has been estimated and it can’t be calculated due to the fact that nicotine works differently in each person, according to the nicotine addiction.

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