December 5, 2023

Bruno Mars girlfriend 2015

Due to the circumstances following so many celebrities in their relationship and personal life that of the billionaire singer Bruno Mars, sounds different. While some people are still busy with their relationship ups and down the different one of Bruno Mars sounds different as the singer as just added a change on his relationship status. He is now catching more fun with his newly girlfriend in Jessica Caban.

The new celebrity in town (Jessica Caban) is now enjoying every seconds of her life with the singer making it fun and lovely for the both of them.

Both why putting much concern about the relationship lets guess to know the lady in question Jessica Caban, popularly known as vagabond as family and friends do call her. She was born on the 13th of June 1982 in Newyork, where she was brought up by her parents (Puerto Rican).He is a professional American fashion model dancer and also an actress.

If you don’t know her, she is also the first person to be crowned the model Latina champion. She has enjoyed so many awards and has being connected to so many celebrities in the likes of Jennifer Lopez and many others.

She has also featured in some films with key roles and being the face of magazines and she was later handed the main role in Proyecto uno.

Judging from the fact that she has being a celebrities before meeting Bruno Mars  the popularity of the American pop singer  has boost  her popularity to the world. As far as the relationship is concerned it is said to have started in early 2001 and  it was  really good  and fruitful relationship  till date the fans are seriously curious about getting to know if the  American singer will take her  in after the long lasting relationship for a celebrity type  for close to two years. But there are some rumors and gist about Jessica caban or vacaban  as she is fondly called packed into the home of the American singer  of recent.

Let’s watch and see as they both have a blissful enjoyment. But if it’s so I just  pray they both enjoyed life together.

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